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Smart Ideas

RCD's and smoke detectors are mandatory in all homes bought, sold or rented !

You will also need a safety certificate to show compliance with these laws -

We issue these on completion of electrical work.

RCD's or safety switches work by monitoring the flow of electricity and will 'trip out' if any imbalance is detected. They are potentially life saving devices - giving protection against electric shock and can help prevent fires through faulty wiring or appliances. Any home bought, sold or rented MUST have at least two RCD's and a suitable number of smoke detectors to comply with these new laws.

Did you know there are rebates available for WA senior card holders when installing security lighting and RCD protection...... Ask us for more details.

Smart Ideas...

  • Security lighting is a great way of welcoming you home, as well as a deterrent for intruders. They work when the motion sensor detects movement.
  • Install four point power points to replace existing double or single power points (to handle all those extra gadgets in kitchens/offices)
  • LED lights can save you $$$$$ - by swopping your existing halogen downlights with new LED lights this will further reduce your electricity bill... A 10 watt LED gives out more light than the old style 50watt halogen downlights.
  • Install a solar pv system - free electricity from the sun.
  • Install a ceiling fan to keep cool in summer - far less expensive than running an air con unit.
  • Install an outdoor weatherproof power point in the alfresco or car port (to save running extension cords into your house)
  • Get a surge protected power point installed (to protect computers, tv etc.)
  • Install a bathroom heater/fan/light to get instant heat when using the bathroom.
  • Install power and lighting into the shed or outbuilding.
  • Installing a dimmer switch onto existing light(s) fittings can save $$$ on electricity.
  • Install timers onto lights or time delay switches - they come on for a set period of time, then go off.